F. A. Q. s

What is The Painted Pallet?

We are a locally owned & operated studio that provides wood-sign making classes (“workshops”) to beginners. You choose your design, stain, & paint colors & with the help of a skilled instructor, will leave with a fully completed, professional-looking wood sign at the end of the workshop. Our wood sign designs include a variety of wall decor as well as functional options such as serving trays, key holders, coat hangers, door hangers, & more!

How much is it?

Our prices range from $35-$65 depending on the design or size you choose. Smaller, non custom designs will cost less than the larger or more customized designs. Price includes all the supplies you need to complete your wood sign (plus protective wear) as well as up to 3 hours of instruction & entertainment! We also provide cups, corkscrews, & a mini fridge since all of our classes are BYOB.

Is the text or design hand-painted?

NO. no. and no. All text (whether custom or generic) is created using a professional-grade vinyl template cutout. The text & overall design is sponged on using the template as a stencil. That’s why it looks so professional! Our templates are one-time-use & cut just for you prior to the workshop.

Do I get to choose the colors for my design?

Of course! We provide a variety of popular paint colors & stains to choose from to make your design unique to your taste. Not sure where to even begin? No worries. We also provide a variety of samples to help give you ideas to achieve the look you want.

What if I’m illiterate in all things arts & crafts?

You’ve come to the right place! Our workshops are designed for people of all skill levels (or lack of, lol). With the help our our skilled instructors & professional template cutouts, you will leave with a creation you can be proud of.

Will I get to use tools?

Yes! We often use hammers, nail guns, mallets, impact drivers, & other simple hand tools. We do NOT use saws or other scary tools during our workshops.  All wood planks & boards are cut-to-size prior to your arrival.

Will I get messy?

A little. 🙂 However, we provide aprons & latex-free gloves to protect you & your clothing during the workshop. We also offer optional safety glasses, disposable ear plugs and dust masks.

Are workshops B.Y.O.B.?

Yes! You’re welcome to bring any snacks or drinks to enjoy during the class. We want you to feel at home in our studio! If you are of legal age you can bring wine or other alcoholic beverages.